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Image Usage Policy

Melbourne Ceili Camera is intended primarily to share and showcase my photographs to a wider audience. Within reason, therefore, downloading and sharing of the images published on this website is allowed and even encouraged, subject to the following conditions:

All images on remain copyright of Adam Purcell/Melbourne Ceili Camera.

Except where otherwise specified, any image on this website may be freely downloaded and shared online, including by social media, email or in any other digital form, provided:

            -the Melbourne Ceili Camera logo and text watermark remains intact; and

            -credit ("Photo:") is given in text adjacent to the image.

Where images are posted or shared on the following social media platforms, Melbourne Ceili Camera must be tagged where possible:

            -On Facebook: @MelbCeiliCamera

            -On Instagram: @melbourneceilicamera

Certain galleries on this website may be subject to custom licensing arrangements. Where this applies, it will be clearly stated in the gallery description at the top of the relevant page, and the right-click function will be disabled.    

Contact me using the link at the top of the page or by sending an email to to discuss any other usage, such as licensing or any form of printing.

1711 Canadian Contra-339
1710 MSFC at Boite-226-Pano

Melbourne Ceili Camera:  Images of Irish, Scottish, Celtic and Folk gigs, sessions, dances, bands and festivals, with a Melbourne focus. Photography (c) 2015-19 Adam Purcell.

Most content on this site can be freely downloaded and shared online, subject to the conditions in the Photo Usage Policy

If you would like to use these images in any other way, please use the 'Contact' link at the top of every page. 

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